Death By Plague

Well, I'm back. I was violently, violently ill for about a week (I'll spare you the gory details), and absolutely swamped in work and getting back on track for the following two weeks. Now that I'm back on my feet, I'll be continuing this blog, along with my novel, fairly soon— although perhaps not immediately. This blog's further installments rest on one of two things: my writing more short stories, or my continuing my novel and having interesting things to say about that endeavor. I don't plan to restart work on my novel immediately because, despite the intermission, I still don't know exactly how I should fix the issues I described in my earlier post; thus, my only option is to write a few short stories until I recover from this writer's block. I don't have very many ideas for such a short story, however, so until I do this blog will probably have to remain fallow.

Furthermore, I have recently had a philosophical inspiration, and have entered one of my mad, sleepless phases of productivity (this is a strange phenomenon I have noticed about myself, which has led a number of people around me to ask if I am bipolar— no, I am not. My symptoms are nowhere near severe enough!) so I will be focusing on my philosophy paper, my research surrounding it, and reading through the various philosophy books I have acquired from various sources.

I have not mentioned this until now, and probably never will again, but in case you're curious, I am deeply interested in (and have continued to be for some time) ethical philosophy and how political and economic philosophy relate to it. I am in the middle of a 15k word (so far) ethical philosophy paper, unifying my theories of teleological and praxeological ethics, property and violence with my theories on ontology and government. I have absolutely no clue how long this paper will turn out to be, although judging by my relative concision when compared to other philosophers, I predict it will be quite short. I will, at some point, have to cease calling it a paper and begin referring to it as a book, since it will probably expand to book-length quite soon, but for now, it remains manageable.

Anyway, at some point, when I'm done working on my paper, and reading my books, and when the current flourishing of inspiration and productivity has died out, I will return to writing short stories, and ease my way back into writing my novel


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