A Return to Storytelling

Well, that's that! I've finished the first draft of my ethical philosophy book, Rationality & Morality: An Understanding, which weighs in at almost two hundred pages and 66k words. It will, during the process of criticism (I have already distributed it to several friends with an interest in philosophy), probably expand in size, and there is still likely much I need to do to refine it, but still! The first draft, complete... I thought I'd never finish.

Now that I am finished, however, that means I won't need to be doing any significant, big chunks of writing. At most, during the revising process, I'll be writing new sections or paragraphs. And you know what that means? The time I've set aside each day for writing shit is now open for business! I'm going to start with some short stories, as I've got a whole bunch of great new ideas. I'm going to do all of them, as usual, in the Damocles Universe which I'm building out, of course. The first will be imitating the style and content of H.P. Lovecraft, but with a hard science fiction flair. Next, I'm going to do a real spaghetti-western-style story set on a single planet (the one that "Venus' Claws" visits briefly, which I can't remember the name of at the moment). Finally, I plan to experiment with a generational (long time-span) or time-travel story. None of these have fixed plots yet, and only the first one even has a plot-hook; but that's the fun of these short stories: I can usually figure out how to extend any idea to at least 5 or 6k words. If it's a good one, up to 10k. So I don't really have to worry about planning ahead, I just need to write what's interesting.

As for the planned sequel to "Venus' Claws," which I want to write, I'm hoping a plot will come to me--- there are some good options, but nothing definite yet. I want to leave enough ideas and plot so maybe it can be expanded into a full-on book later; that corner of the Damocles Universe seems very interesting and fertile to me.

Also, about Children of Abeona... I'm definitely going to resume work at some point, probably over the summer when I have more time to really sit down and FOCUS on writing. As it stands, I'm thinking about giving up somewhat on the specific plot point that I just couldn't figure out how to do right---it felt like, at the time, it would help with pacing, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like it might actually hurt pacing.

Anyway that's that.


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