Back to My Novel

Now that I've finished one short story, and worked on the second draft of R&M a bit, I feel like I'm ready to return to my novel—especially since the short story turned out to be far longer then I expected. And, indeed, that's just what I've done.

Almost as soon as I returned to working on my novel, I felt a whole new set of inspiration come to me, and I've been trucking along at a somewhat reasonable pace. Not exactly speedy per se, but I've gotten past that one roadblock and have successfully concluded a few important plot-points and scenes much more easily then I expected; moreover, using inspiration from Dune's style in order to make my realpolitik more satisfying and logical has turned out to be an (I think) extremely successful plan.

Anyway, further updates will follow. For now, here's the opening "in-universe document" quote from the latest chapter:

The nature of politics is that of incredible, intricate complexity; the more complexity one is capable of handling, the more devastating a politician one will be come. But central to all this ancillary complexity is something beautifully simple: an understanding of humanity centered around Game Theory---because in politics, few act apart from their own rational self-interest: politics is the prime haven of high-functioning psychopaths.

—Deng Caizhang, *Scriptum Erat Ignoto* (10346 A.A.P)
Most of these are supposed to be slightly over-the-top versions of things that the people in this universe actually believe.


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