Coronavirus Procrastination

Well, this new pandemic has its pros and cons when it comes to writing, that's for sure. While I technically now have twice as much free time as I once did (and the extra boost in creativity that comes with more sleep and my INFP sibling around), having a looser schedule also breeds procrastination. In the last two weeks I've barely written 4000 words; it might be the most interesting 4000 words I've written in a long time, but that doesn't really excuse it.

Speaking of those words, they consist in the latest chapter of Children of Abeona, "Bonus Amicus [A/The Good Friend]." In it, the more political side of the plot starts to come into its own — previously I was focusing more on what I've termed in the past as "moving the chess pieces into place": getting all the characters into the right position, establishing their current character and catalyzing their character arc, etc. Now that that's all done (and at about 48k words, too) I'm really able to buckle down and have some interesting stuff happen. I'm starting to really deal with Cassandra's PTSD, and how that will play into her eventual realization that she can bring down Sceparnio's entire rulership from the inside if she plays her hand right; I'm also beginning to really show Aedus move to the dark side of his path — before he was just doing what needed to be done, with a few hints that he was thinking about it wrong, but here is where he and his oligarchy really start to go wrong. This is also giving me a chance to improve in my PoV and conversation writing. It'll never be natural, but it is definitely more information-dense and interesting.

I'll be starting work on the Cassandra-half of this last chapter (which is where it'll end soon) tomorrow, but today I'm going to get a head's start on a writing competition from the Author's Cafe Discord channel DUUTY (author of Paradigm's Edge, my writing buddy, and one of the trio that reviews my book). The prompt is "Ghost. Detective," which is perfect for my Damocles Universe short stories. As such, I think I'm going to interpret it as "Ghost Detective," although it is, according to DUUTY, up for interpretation. I'm psyched for this!


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