Stuck Again

Since the last post, I've written roughly seven thousand words; however, almost nothing has actually happened in that intervening chapter: I haven't even moved to the next plot point on my outline, which I've been stuck on for three chapters and almost 15k words if my memory serves. This is extremely discouraging, to say the least. It makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my writing process, or my writing style, and also raises the question of how much I'm going to end up editing out in the second draft — a disappointing prospect to think about barely a third of the way through the first draft.

Worse, this next part was something that I hadn't really thought about in my head, and in the process of planning I've found it necessary for plot-hole-filling and worldbuilding reasons to introduce a few new elements to make the section work: specifically, an AI named Athena. In order to make that work, however, I had to give her a unique character to fit in with the established atmosphere of the ship she's attached to. What all this means is that while there's a lot of interesting elements upcoming, it's all feeling very overwhelming. Will I be able to pull of Athena as a character? Will the plan-making process make sense? And then there are some concerns about ship travel times that I forgot to take into account for the whole rest of the outline, which might work but might also require significant tweaks that might destroy the whole ensuing outline, depending on what my research shows in these next few days, and how much I feel comfortable handwaving away.


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