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Themes in Children of Abeona: Power

This post is the first of a new series I'm planning, which I'm tentatively calling "Themes in Children of Abeona ." As each post comes out, it'll be available under the tag "themes-in-coa" in the sidebar, and I'll go back through when it's complete and create a table of contents to add to each post for easier navigation. The raison d'etre for this series is fourfold: first, I want to make this blog less esoteric, which means that I need to start writing about what I'm writing instead of just how that writing is going. Second, I want to make this blog of more general interest — meaning that instead of just talking about details specific to my book, I need to cover things both related to my book and of more nonspecific interest: if I only cover details about the plot or setting, it might make some readers interested, or entertain those already interested, but it won't draw anyone in from search results. Third, I'm going to atte

What's the Deal With This Mysterious Book?

I've spoken at extensive length on this blog concerning my novel. In fact, the primary purpose of this blog — besides being a place to publicly store my short stories once I'm finished editing them — is to document my struggles and progress in general on this novel. In this vein, it primarily functions as a way of me working out my own concerns and thoughts and getting out onto the page how I feel the whole process is going. Essentially, its a personal diary, which helps me conceptualize how I'm doing and where I am in the process. A result of this primary function, however, is that I've (so far rightly) assumed that very few people will ever look at this blog unless they want to read my short stories. Thus, it wasn't important for me to do any significant description or marketing of my novel, since, well, I already know what it's about and why I should be excited about it. The motivating assumption above, however, might not hold for very much longer, consider

Research to the Rescue!

This is going to be a bit of a longer post, since I want to write down my thoughts on some important things going forward, as well as give an update. In light of that, I'll break it down into sections, even though that seems kind of silly. Progress Report In my last post, I wrote about some of the problems I was having with syncing up Cassandra's POV with the rest. I suggested a certain solution in that original post, but as I experimented with it, I found a number of minor, as well as some major, problems. First of all, the time window that I had chosen at first — twenty years — was just kind of a weird time frame to work in: first of all because (so I thought at the time), the other POVs would be out of the action for 636 years, so why give specifically twenty years to Cassandra, when most of that would be in stasis anyway, and so on. With this in mind, I switched to twelve years. This was better because that way I could fit in two years of change and real experience, a

"Skipping Across Time Like A Stone"

Well, I've finished another chapter in my book, putting that at two — I think — since I last posted here. My book has reached 70,206 words, which means it is approaching the mark where it will be the longest thing I've ever written . And you know what? I'm feeling really good about it. This might be the longest I've ever worked on any project, and long before now I usually give up, as whatever I'm working on collapses under the weight of a thousand structural mistakes, or loses its interest for me as I realize that, due to a lack of foresight early on, I had not actually prepared myself for some eventuality. Not so this time. This time, I'm actually moving ahead quite nicely towards finishing it. Of course, as you can see if you've been following the automated total-word-count projections on my blog homepage, you'll know that the pace at which I cover each plot point in my outline is slowing down significantly: so that each plot point takes more