The Damocles Universe

Quick description:
The Damocles Universe is essentially cyberpunk/horror/space-opera mashup by way of the 1930s Great Depression Era.
Interesting note: The Damocles Universe (formerly named the Depression Universe, renamed for obvious reasons) actually takes place in the far-future of the Cthulhu Mythos!

This is a much simpler, less planned-out universe that I've created for use in my short stories. It's much darker and more dystopian, with a focus on psychological horror and, well, depression. It takes place in a cyberpunk/space-opera style world (meaning that while the technology, social structures, and attitudes are more in line with cyberpunk, there are alien worlds and space battles), and its a little less concerned with hard science than the Ceremony Universe. It does, for instance, have a faster-than-light method of travel, called the Damocles Drive, as well as nanotechnology and holograms and such. I haven't planned it out in detail, but essentially it's a civilization that spanned several solar systems and had a somewhat anarchic, distributed style of governance. Thanks to the nature of space travel, and how long it does take to get from place to place (this isn't instantaneous FTL), it eventually collapsed. The short stories are about various people from various perspectives trying to survive in this world.

The name of the loose anarchistic government is the Federated Colonies of Humankind. It is important to note that this government is still the most powerful force in known space and will violently and with maximum force put to rest any ideas of setting up external protection companies or mafia or anything of the sort; in fact, if you are even seen amassing anything that could be used for violence you are in very great danger. This has created a strange situation where, while the government is funds-starved it still desperately wants to hold on to monopolistic power so instead of shrinking its workings until it can pay for itself, it seeks out special interests in the form of powerful and rich families to get loans from. These loans, however, are not without their associated strings.

I've written two stories in the Damocles Universe so far, with one more planned (although I will definitely do more):

  1. Damocles Curse (5k words): A dark, survival psychological horror-based story along the lines of Edgar Allen Poe, taking place on a single ship. You're never sure if the protagonist is insane or just trying to survive in a supernatural situation.
  2. Venus' Claws, Extended (10k words): A slightly longer, more space-opera style thriller story touring through a few places in the Damocles Universe, with a twist ending that really brings the horror back.
  3. The Grave of Boundless Science (13k words): The longest short story yet, written in an only slightly updated emulation of Lovecraft's writing style, which is appropriate because this is my first foray into cosmic and eldritch horror. Leans more heavily into the cyberpunk aspects as well.

I have planned a sequel to Venus Claws, which I'm considering calling False Hope.


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